Monday, 17 March 2014

A Thing Worth Fighting For

A long distance relationship could be the hardest test on any relationship. You don't have the privilege of seeing that person whenever you want to, to console them when they need a shoulder to cry on, to work things out when everything goes wrong. You don't get to see the things that makes you fall for them in the first place, you can only close your eyes and reminisce the time when you're together, and just try to get every single detail from that memory.

That's not the worst part, friends. Here comes the insecurity and the trust issues.

Not knowing what they are doing in the mean time, not knowing where they are, not knowing who's with them. Definitely not the most pleasant feeling. You need to put your utmost trust in that person. What's worse is that when there's a fight going on, it's not gonna be easy working things out with just texts and calls. And you're going to sleep with a fight not settled. Little things like that chips a relationship bit by bit. Never sleep with a fight not settled.

But little Miss Teacher says that "It was never about the distance, it was always about the person. When you're in love with someone, you'll never get bored, and the distance just won't matter."

Spot on.

Well, Mr. Biologist says this, when you're in love with someone, no matter what happens, you will give everything you have to mend the minor chips and cracks. You'll value what you have, and throwing all of that away will never be a part of the list. You will never let go, despite anything.

Miss Teacher and Mr. Biologist are more than best friends, they are lovers. Though Miss Teacher is not able to say it out loud due to several restrictions, Mr. Biologist is going to put it on a billboard on the side of the highway.

To you, Miss Teacher, thank you for keeping up with this lazy, overly eloquent and vocal guy, with his hopelessly romantic pickup lines which almost always got you into a "hek eleh" frenzy. Thank you for accepting, instead of bearing. Thank you for staying when you could leave, and loving when you could look away.

It's amazing, how everything changes when marriage becomes your purpose in a relationship.

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