Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Nazis In The Making

Beating people to a pulp on the basis of "self-defense" already sounds inhumane to me. Your defense ends as the attack against you ceases. If you continue mauling the man afterwards, that's assault. Because the moment you proceed to cause further harm on the attacker, you're not doing it out of fear, you're doing it out of rage.

As a guy and a human being myself (yes I am, and I do have feelings and empathy btw), I understand how angry a man can be when their beloved ones are being harassed inappropriately. I mean, every single guy I know would have beat the guy up too. Perhaps I myself would do the same thing in that moment in time when everything rational gets sorted out of judgment. That happens when your judgment gets clouded, so to speak. But I only see my anger dissipating in a few punches frankly speaking. To cause that kinda bleeding? It's gross.

But what bugs me even more is that eventhough there's already an air of disgust given the nature of the assault (read: sexual) which is pretty much normal since our culture is very much reserved when it comes to sexual taboos, there are still people out there inciting more and more absurd loathing simply because the guy was an immigrant.

Was it necessary to stamp out that the guy was a Nepalese? Was it crucial to highlight that he's an immigrant? Are you trying to suggest that because he was a Nepalese, he was kinda bound to harass people sexually anyway eventually? That all Nepalese or immigrants to be exact, were doomed to be raping and groping our ladies? Or were you trying to justify the "self-defense" with the notion that, well, he's an immigrant?

To my surprise, labeling him as such, suddenly drives the crowd wilder. The comments get much more darker, words and phrases that could have only be spoken by barbaric people.

Explicitly warning people against a certain race, inciting further abhorrence towards them? It doesn't get any more racist than that. Because as far as I am concerned, ANY drunk guy from ANY race in ANY parts of the country could have done that. Not just a Nepalese.

This kind of logic spreads the idea that immigrants are less human than all of us. And that's not cool by me.

You know who practiced racial supremacy just like we are practicing it now?

Freaking Nazis.

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